FusionX Weekly: Bitcoin price, recap, best reviews and articles


Bitcoin is up 1.77% this week finding short term bottom near 6 500. Despite periodic gains this week, the market still finished almost flat for the week.

Ethereum is up 7% this week finding short term bottom near 350. This follows the trend we’ve seen over the past few weeks of correlated movements between the two currencies. Some have pointed to this correlation as a sign of an immature market.

The entire crypto market did manage a mild recovery this week, most notably ETH is up over 7%, TRX up 16%, XEM up 11% and Dash up 7%.


Technically on higher time frames, crypto market remains under bear control and is still weak. The daily price chart suggests that the slump in bitcoin will continue until we bottom out near 5000 – 5500 later in April.

H4 price chart review suggests that BTCUSD 7750 is still a no-pass area for the bulls, so we can’t recommend HODLing this yet

(unlike Tom Lee, who has been HODLing all the way since 20K). Realistic path is 7750 and then 5750 and then we will review again, once bitcoin price hits the target near 5750 this week.


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